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Our vision at Salmon & Trout Conservation is a sustainable water environment which supports an abundance of wild fish.

Why does this matter? And how do we use science and lobbying to protect salmon & trout? Find out more about the problems we are researching and the actions we are taking for the UK's wild fish.

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We have been defending salmon & trout in the UK since 1903, but our campaigns have never been more urgent or so important.

We have evolved over 115 years into a leading conservation charity - the only one in the UK campaigning specifically for wild fish. Find out more about our heritage, our beliefs, who we work with, and how we operate.

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We are independent and receive no government money. Without generous supporters we would not exist.

There are a range of ways individuals and businesses can get involved in the on-going protection of the UK's wild fish. Find out more about why we need your support more than ever and the many ways you can help.

Our campaigns

Salmon Farming

Salmon Farm Reform

Open-net pen salmon farming is devastating wild fish stocks and harming the environment in Scotland.

Sea lice, disease and many more issues plague salmon farming. We have secured TWO parliamentary inquiries and continue to push for much needed legislative change.

Living Rivers


Only 14% of rivers in England have 'good' ecological status, with water quality and quantity declining rapidly.

We lead the fight to protect wild fish habitats from the many threats they face; including  sewage, agricultural pollution, micro-plastics, abstraction and, sadly, much more.

Riverfly Census


Riverfly insects have declined 59% since 1970, indicating poor water quality & an unstable food chain.

We survey riverfly insects nationwide to understand what’s really happening beneath the surface, using the data to campaign for better protection of our wild fish.

Using data to protect wild fish: River Coquet hydropower

09 January 2019
  River Coquet Hydropower With the feed-in-tariffs for hydropower ending in March after little activity over the past couple of years, the beginning of 2019 has seen a flurry of applications for new hydro schemes. For us, this has once again highlighted the importance of our Riverfly Census data to provide evidence, not just anecdote, […]

2018: A year in review

21 December 2018
What have we achieved this year? 2018 has been our biggest year yet! So where has your support got us, and what have we done for wild fish protection and conservation? Our CEO’s Year In Review summaries our influence, accomplishments and campaigns over the past 12 months.  View our full YEAR IN REVIEW HERE With […]

S&TC welcomes England’s NE salmon net closure

18 December 2018
NE salmon net closure S&TC welcomes the new Environment Agency byelaws which will close down the killing of Atlantic salmon in drift nets and coastal T&J nets on the north east coast of England, which follows lobbying from several fisheries NGOs over many years. S&TC believe this is the correct decision in the interests of […]

Latest data on River Test and River Itchen reveals concerning issues

17 December 2018
  Test and Itchen are no exception to grim decline in water quality and flylife The S&TC Riverfly Census continues to reveal worrying declines in flylife and water quality in rivers across England and Wales, as confirmed by our latest report on the River Test and the River Itchen (the king and queen of our […]

Why you should go salmon-free this Christmas

11 December 2018
A Christmas favourite it may be; but there is nothing festive nor joyous about farmed salmon. Salmon is considered by many to be a Christmas staple, its murky journey from net-pen to plate concealed behind tinsel-clad wrapping and slick marketing. Two parliamentary inquiries have this year confirmed the need for rapid change in salmon farming, which […]

#ProtectWater campaign success: brilliant news for our waters and fish

06 December 2018
First success for #ProtectWater campaign Thanks to an extensive collaborative effort from over 100 NGO’s across Europe, including S&TC, an important first milestone has been achieved in the defence of our water’s environmental protection laws. A paper drafted by a group of government officials, seeking to weaken the laws which currently protect our waters, has […]

S&TCS warmly welcomes the Rural Economy Committee’s report on salmon farming

27 November 2018
S&TCS warmly welcomes the Rural Economy Committee’s report on salmon farming Scottish Government must now act quickly to put in place greater protection for wild salmon and sea trout. View the REC Committee Report here Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS) has warmly welcomed the Rural Economy and Connectivity (REC) Committee’s report on salmon farming, […]

Suffering salmon: A temperature-gauge for our worryingly low water-flow

26 November 2018
By our Head of Science and Policy, Dr Janina Gray. The original article was written for Countryside and Wildlife Link. What would a third dry winter mean for wildlife and habitats? Worryingly low water flows are of major concern to much wildlife, particularly salmon which rely on flowing rivers to travel to estuaries to spawn. […]

SIFCA Consultation: Help us ban inshore netting which threatens salmon & trout

26 November 2018
Join S&TC in seeking to ban inshore netting in Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to help protect genetically-unique chalkstream salmon and sea trout. Salmon & Trout Conservation has responded to an important consultation on the future of net fishing in the harbours and estuarine waters of the South Coast. We want a cessation […]

S&TC Cymru welcomes new agricultural pollution regulations

19 November 2018
Welcome news from Wales: New regulatory measures to tackle agricultural pollution Following an extensive lobbying exercise, S&TC Cymru are greatly encouraged by the recent announcement by Lesley Griffiths, Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs, to introduce regulatory measures to combat the growing threat to the freshwater environment from agricultural pollution. The […]

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Salmon & Trout Conservation
Salmon & Trout Conservation
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Salmon & Trout Conservation
Salmon & Trout Conservation
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The candidate will also undertake work placements in each partner organisation.

Findings will influence the delivery of the lottery-funded restoration of the rivers Test & Itchen, and used to promote the reframing of legal thresholds of fine sediment and phosphorus! concentrations in rivers.

We are looking for an intern with WordPress skills & experience for a short-term placement. Remote working possible & small remuneration offered!

Make your cv stand out with work experience at the UK’s leading wild fish charity. Contact Janina @salmon-trout.org for more info! https://t.co/X3Eq3exP2W
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With 100 NGO's across Europe, we've now secured 200k signatures to help #ProtectWater - a huge milestone for the protection of wild fish and their waters. If you haven't already, please take 2 min to add your voice to STOP our water laws being weakened! https://t.co/c7yPfabsFS

S&TC Riverfly Census:

✔️ Established solid, scientific river health foundations across 20 UK rivers
✔️ Evidenced the subtle but lethal pressures wild fish face
✔️ Influenced direct EA action!

But this is just the start.... Announcing SMARTrivers!

Latest News

Honour for James Carr

01 Feb 2017
James Carr, former Chairman of S&TA, has been awarded an OBE in the New Year’s Honours List for services to conservation, education and the community. James, who was our Chairman between 2006 and 2012, oversaw S&TA’s move to charitable status in 2008.

Charity warns that tidal lagoon In Swansea Bay could prove disastrous for iconic Welsh fish

13 Jan 2017
Leading fisheries charity, Salmon & Trout Conservation Cymru (S&TCC) have major environmental concerns about a report by former energy minister, Charles Hendry, which supports a tidal barrage in Swansea Bay.

Invasive demon shrimp poses another major threat to river life

05 Jan 2017
Scientists working with the charity Salmon & Trout Conservation UK (S&TC UK), who have been investigating the health of our rivers across the country, have discovered the non-native demon shrimp Dikerogammarus haemobaphes lurking in the depths of our rivers and this could be disastrous for the future of our native aquatic wildlife.

Conservationists are stunned by devastating pollution incident on the Teifi

22 Dec 2016
Despite its international designation as a Special Area of Conservation for salmon as well as endangered fish species like lampreys and bullhead, this was not enough to protect the stunning […]

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