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Our work and news covers a range of topics and issues relevant to the health of salmon and trout in our UK freshwaters. 

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American wins Musto International Open Spey Casting Championship in dramatic final at Broadlands CLA Game Fair

Once again the Musto International Open Spey Casting Championship brought high drama to the climax of the CLA Game Fair. Once again the Musto International Open Spey Casting Championship brought high drama to the climax of the CLA Game Fair. […] Read More

National Angling Summit

The 1st National Angling Summit was held on 20th May 2002. The 1st National Angling Summit was held on 20th May 2002. This government-led initiative heralds a new partnership between angling and Government. Chaired by Martin Salter MP, himself a […] Read More


Reduced quotas agreed for wild Atlantic salmon in the North Atlantic Reduced quotas agreed for wild Atlantic salmon in the North Atlantic The 19th annual meeting of the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO) in the Faroe Islands June 3-7 […] Read More

Fly Identification Workshop

Two fly identification workshops will be held at the Leckford Estate, on the River Test, on 28 and 29 June 2002. Two fly identification workshops will be held at the Leckford Estate, on the River Test, on 28 and 29 […] Read More

Fishery Action Plans

The first experimental Fishery Action Plans (FAPs) have been published, in what has generally been regarded as a successful exercise. The first experimental Fishery Action Plans (FAPs) have been published, in what has generally been regarded as a successful exercise. […] Read More

Annual General Meeting

The Association AGM took place at Fishmongers’ Hall on Thursday April 18th. The Association AGM took place at Fishmongers’ Hall on Thursday April 18th. The meeting began by paying tribute to our late Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen […] Read More

Salmon Farming News & Views

SNH and EA formally notified of threat of environmental damage from escaped farmed salmon

13 Oct 2020
Salmon & Trout Conservation (S&TC) formally notifies NatureScot (formerly SNH) and the Environment Agency of threat of environmental damage to protected wild salmon SACs following the recent major escape of farmed salmon off the Mull of Kintyre Following the major escape from a salmon farm off the east side of the Mull of Kintyre […] Read More

Not just another escape

01 Oct 2020
As a moderate late summer storm abated, rumours that one of Mowi’s salmon farms between the Mull of Kintyre and Arran was in trouble were confirmed by a statement from the company: “On August 20, 2020, Mowi’s salmon farm at Carradale North, consisting of 10 circular net pens containing 550,000 salmon (at 4.2kgs), shifted position […] Read More

S&TC leaves the Missing Salmon Alliance

17 Jul 2020
After discussion and detailed consideration of the tactical approach, the Missing Salmon Alliance has decided to pursue an advocacy course by engaging with the Scottish government with respect to future regulation of the aquaculture sector. Salmon and Trout Conservation (S&TC) has decided to withdraw from the Alliance to pursue an alternative approach. The Missing Salmon Alliance […] Read More

Why a strict ceiling on sea lice must be applied to all Scotland’s salmon farms

24 Jun 2020
Why a strict ceiling on sea lice must be applied to all Scotland’s salmon farms Wild salmon and sea trout populations in Scotland are dangerously low. For wild salmon and sea trout in the west Highlands and Islands to be properly protected from the negative impact of salmon farming, the effective control of sea lice […] Read More

NASCO 2020

11 Jun 2020
Paul Knight reports on the 37th Annual Meeting of NASCO The North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO) met for its Annual Meeting in the first week of June, although this year, uniquely, all the meetings were held virtually by video link, with those not directly involved being able to listen in by phone.  Despite concerns […] Read More

Salmon farmers own data makes the case for much lower sea lice limits

09 Jun 2020
Corin Smith writes, “Contrary to what you may believe salmon farmers go to great lengths to protect Atlantic salmon smolts from the harm caused by sea lice. The problem is they only protect the smolts inside the salmon farms, not the wild ones on the outside.”  Analysis combining multiple industry and government datasets reveals the […] Read More

Review of the Report of the Salmon Interactions Working Group

11 May 2020
Executive summary Download full review here: HERE Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland’s 2016 Petition to the Scottish Parliament led to the 2018 ECCLR and REC Committee inquiries into salmon farming. The REC Committee identified that “the ‘status quo’ in terms of regulation and enforcement of the fish farming industry is not acceptable”. In response, the […] Read More

Salmon Farm Regulation: S&TC initial response to SIWG report

05 May 2020
Report fails to advocate the simple regulatory system urgently required to protect wild fish including adherence to the precautionary principle Initial response to the Salmon Interactions Working Group (SIWG) Report  Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland                                         […] Read More

Salmon Farming: New study shows economic costs never assessed by government

20 Apr 2020
An independent economic report [1], commissioned by two leading Scottish charities [2], has revealed that the Scottish Government has failed to assess the costs the salmon farming industry causes to other economic sectors and has only considered those benefits the industry brings. As a result, the report proposes the Scottish Government’s policy of supporting the […] Read More

S&TCS writes to Scottish Ministers: MSA position on salmon farming regulation

02 Apr 2020
Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS) writes to Scottish Ministers to outline Missing Salmon Alliance’s formally agreed position on salmon farming regulation. Roseanna Cunningham MSP Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Fergus Ewing MSP Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy 2 April 2020   Dear Ministers Regulation of salmon farming with particular reference […] Read More

Missing Salmon Alliance: Urgent Implementation of new system of regulation for fish farms

25 Mar 2020
The Missing Salmon Alliance members today published updated guidance on the need for the urgent implementation of a new system of regulation for fish farms in Scotland. 25 March 2020 Regulation must include: 1.            The clear identification of a Scottish public authority with the statutory function of protecting wild fish from […] Read More

Scottish Ministers’ lamentable failure to regulate salmon farming

21 Feb 2020
Scottish Ministers’ lamentable failure to regulate salmon farming to protect wild fish continues, while industry’s relentless expansion gathers pace  Almost two years after first Parliamentary report said  “the status quo is not an option”, S&TCS, other NGOs and Scottish community groups warn that their next step is to call and campaign for a boycott of Scottish farmed […] Read More

Can a “feed the world” mantra justify trashing our marine environment?

09 Dec 2019
“The suggestion that salmon farming is somehow justifiable in order to feed the world simply will not wash.” Andrew Graham-Stewart, Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland I have been cursing Fergus Ewing MSP, Cabinet Secretary in Scotland for the Rural Economy, of late. Of course, it is nothing personal. I will explain. On November 6 I […] Read More

S&TC and Patagonia deliver 170,000 strong petition to Scottish Parliament

12 Sep 2019
Our partnership with Patagonia in this campaign has been extremely effective. Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS) are pleased to have been able to orchestrate the delivery of Patagonia Inc’s “Artifishal” petition against open-net salmon farming, which we supported, to Gillian Martin MSP, Convener of the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee at the Scottish Parliament. Patagonia’s credibility on […] Read More

Sea lice numbers on salmon farms double in a single year

21 Aug 2019
Total sea lice numbers on salmon farms double in a single year. Industry and official SEPA data underline how the rush to expand salmon farm production is massively increasing the risks to wild salmon and sea trout. “A moratorium on salmon farm expansion is now more essential than ever” Andrew Graham-Stewart, Director of Salmon and […] Read More

Response to MOWI decision to close Loch Ewe salmon farm

25 Jul 2019
Mowi (previously Marine Harvest) has announced that it is to close its highly contentious salmon farm in Loch Ewe, Wester Ross.   Andrew Graham-Stewart, Director of S&TC Scotland (S&TCS), said:  “We welcome Mowi’s decision to close the Loch Ewe farm. There can be no doubt that the decision is a vindication of S&TCS’ long campaign […] Read More

ARTIFISHAL & Patagonia Inc

27 Jun 2019
“The thing that has struck us at the screenings we have attended is that the audience is far from being just anglers – it has been great seeing so many younger folk there and hearing their reaction to the issues” Paul Knight, CEO Salmon & Trout Conservation In 2019 one of Patagonia’s core global campaigns […] Read More

Salmon farming being supported by hands-off regulation and taxpayers’ money

19 Jun 2019
  FOI reveals hands-off regulation of salmon farming’s environmental impactand the lavish use of taxpayers’ money to support the industry  Freedom of Information requests made by Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS) to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Marine Scotland, the Fish Health Inspectorate and Highlands and Islands Enterprise have shown the extent of Scottish […] Read More

NASCO 2019

12 Jun 2019
“With S&TC’s Chairman, CEO, Head of Science and Scottish Director actively involved in NASCO, we are playing a genuinely influential role within international wild Atlantic salmon conservation politics” The 2019 NASCO meeting was held in Tromsø, Norway, this year and was preceded by a 2-day Symposium for the International Year of the Salmon – Managing […] Read More

BBC Panorama: Salmon Farming Exposed

29 May 2019
“We applaud Panorama’s focus on the abject failure of the regulators in Scotland to carry out their responsibilities.” Andrew Graham-Stewart, Director of Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland For example, the Scottish Government’s Fish Health Inspectorate, that polices farms for parasites and diseases, has in the last five years served only two enforcement notices under the […] Read More

The Shetland Factor

03 May 2019
Many believe salmon farming is an issue exclusive to wild fish in the west Highlands and Hebrides. However, controlling sea lice on farms in Shetland is just as important as our Scottish Director, Andrew Graham-Stewart explains… The official figures for rod catches of salmon in Scotland during 2018 were published last week. That they were […] Read More

We all have a responsibility to save the ‘King of Fish’

19 Apr 2019
The publication of new Environment Agency byelaws banning the killing of salmon in the North East drift and coastal nets was very welcome news earlier this year and brought to a close a campaign by fisheries organisations that lasted some 30 years. Scotland banned drift netting in 1962 and closed down its coastal nets in […] Read More

Scottish Government inertia marks anniversary of Scottish Parliament’s Environment Committee’s report into salmon farming

06 Mar 2019
  Scottish Government inertia marks anniversary of Scottish Parliament’s Environment Committee’s report into salmon farming Industry allowed to persist with business as usual a year after Government was told ‘the status quo is not an option’ One year on from the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee’s report on the Environmental Impacts of […] Read More

S&TCS briefing as Scottish Government debate the future of salmon farming

06 Feb 2019
  TODAY: Scottish parliament to debate the Rural Economy and Connectivity (REC) committee report on salmon farming Legislative impact is expected to follow on from today’s debate, Wednesday 6th February 2019, for which S&TCS have contributed the following briefing: S&TCS briefing for MSPs for salmon farming debate Feb 2019 STCS Briefing Addendum – SG’s response […] Read More

2018: A year in review

21 Dec 2018
What have we achieved this year? 2018 has been our biggest year yet! So where has your support got us, and what have we done for wild fish protection and conservation? Our CEO’s Year In Review summaries our influence, accomplishments and campaigns over the past 12 months.  View our full YEAR IN REVIEW HERE With […] Read More

Why you should go salmon-free this Christmas

11 Dec 2018
A Christmas favourite it may be; but there is nothing festive nor joyous about farmed salmon. Salmon is considered by many to be a Christmas staple, its murky journey from net-pen to plate concealed behind tinsel-clad wrapping and slick marketing. Two parliamentary inquiries have this year confirmed the need for rapid change in salmon farming, which […] Read More

S&TCS warmly welcomes the Rural Economy Committee’s report on salmon farming

27 Nov 2018
S&TCS warmly welcomes the Rural Economy Committee’s report on salmon farming Scottish Government must now act quickly to put in place greater protection for wild salmon and sea trout. View the REC Committee Report here Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS) has warmly welcomed the Rural Economy and Connectivity (REC) Committee’s report on salmon farming, […] Read More

“Organic” farmed salmon – let’s get real

12 Nov 2018
“Organic” farmed salmon Similar scenarios play out at dinner tables up and down the UK, particularly during the festive season. Salmon, either smoked or “fresh”, is served and the host, feigning environmental awareness, announces along the lines of: “Don’t worry, we are always very responsible – we only ever buy ‘organic’ salmon.” But is eating […] Read More

Salmon farming industry blames wild fish for sea lice infestations

30 Oct 2018
  Sea lice on farmed salmon – the ultimate solution In September, following months of media exposes of salmon farming’s dire environmental failures, the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation (SSPO) announced the appointment of a leading political journalist to the newly created role of “Director of Strategic Engagement”. In the SSPO’s news release, the appointee is […] Read More

Loch Roag Sea Lice: SSPO Defence Falls Flat

19 Sep 2018
Mea culpa……mea what? On September 3 we issued a news release detailing the deaths, in the Blackwater River (Isle of Lewis), of a substantial proportion of this Hebridean system’s wild adult salmon run.   The tip of the iceberg The corpses removed from the tidal Sea pool were likely just the tip of the iceberg […] Read More

Wild Adult Salmon Run Decimated By Sea Lice

03 Sep 2018
Important Hebridean adult wild salmon run decimated by parasites as sea lice numbers on local salmon farms rise and dead farmed fish are taken ashore for burial Underwater video and photos show graphic evidence of wild salmon covered in parasites Above: A dead wild adult Blackwater salmon, fatally wounded after its skin has been stripped […] Read More

The curious case of the great salmon escape that wasn’t…

20 Aug 2018
  Scottish Ministers again failing to comply with FOI law over mysterious 2016 salmon farm escape of 300,000 fish that company now says never happened…. The reporting of the disappearance of 300,000 farmed salmon in 2016, understood at the time to be the industry’s biggest escape in many years, raises serious questions about the oversight […] Read More

S&TCS FOI Requests: Scottish Government still not responding lawfully

16 Aug 2018
S&TCS FOI Requests The Scottish Information Commissioner has issued yet another decision [1] against Scottish Ministers for their failure to comply with freedom of information law. This is now added to seven other decisions obtained in the last 15 months by S&TCS to do with requests for information about salmon farms.   Eight decisions from the […] Read More

Scottish salmon farming seeks to expand as publication of Scottish Parliament’s Rural Economy Committee report approaches

07 Aug 2018
Whilst the report of the Rural Economy and Connectivity (REC) Committee into salmon farming in Scotland is awaited (scheduled for “early autumn”), applications for new salmon farms, or expansion of existing farms, are continuing apace. Applications to increase tonnage are in the pipeline from southern Argyll to the northern isles. These applications are generally not […] Read More

SSPO retreats from commitments given in evidence session to MSPs

11 Jul 2018
  Salmon farmers renege on transparency promises to Scottish Parliament’s Environment Committee   Scotland’s salmon farmers have delivered an extraordinary snub to the Scottish Parliament’s influential Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee.   SSPO commitments to transparency on sea lice data made in oral evidence have been reneged on, ignoring the unanimous demands […] Read More

NASF &ASF sign 12-year salmon agreement with Greenland fishermen

30 May 2018
NASF & ASF Agreement The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) and the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) have signed new agreements with commercial fishermen in Greenland and the Faroe Islands that will protect thousands of adult wild Atlantic salmon from commercial nets and longlines, allowing them to return to North American and European rivers. We welcome […] Read More

New study confirms impact of sea lice on sea trout

25 May 2018
  Impact of sea lice on sea trout A noteworthy scientific paper which confirms impact of sea lice on sea trout has just been published in the prestigious Journal of Fish Biology, entitled “The influence of aquaculture unit proximity on the pattern of Lepeophtheirus salmonis  [SEA LICE] infection of anadromous Salmo trutta [SEA TROUT] populations on the Isle of […] Read More

SSPO ignores many requirements set out by Parliamentary Committee

03 May 2018
Salmon farming industry’s selective release of individual farm sea lice data falls far short of what is required Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TC Scotland) is dismayed that this week’s publication by the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) of sea lice data for January, on an individual farm basis (see, falls far short of […] Read More

Demand for immediate moratorium on salmon farm expansion

26 Apr 2018
Salmon Farming Moratorium Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TC Scotland) is today leading a call for an immediate moratorium on any new open cage marine salmon farms in Scotland or any expansion of existing sites. The call is supported by a wide cross section of 27 environmental NGOs and other bodies, demanding that: Until the […] Read More

Salmon Farming Update – The Power of Mass Media

26 Mar 2018
Salmon Farming Update: Inquiry progress from our Scottish Director… As someone who has done PR to a greater and lesser extent for wild fisheries interests for almost two decades, I am invariably pleased, when asked, to spend time explaining the issues to journalists. This approach often pays dividends as it maximises the chances of a […] Read More

Living Rivers News & Views

Sewage (Inland Waters) Bill

15 Oct 2020
Philip Dunne MP launches new Bill to tackle river pollution Salmon & Trout Conservation warmly welcomes the introduction of the Sewage (Inland Waters) Bill, aimed at tackling the unacceptable levels of raw sewage being discharged into our rivers and streams. Rt. Hon Philip Dunne MP for Ludlow has published his Private Member’s Bill designed to […] Read More

It’s the perfume that you notice first.

15 Oct 2020
“If we can’t conserve the most protected, how can we ever conserve the rest?” Feargal Sharkey, recently appointed a Salmon & Trout Conservation Vice President writes, It’s the perfume that you notice first. Not in that pleasingly attractive CHANEL N° 5 kind of a way but more in that acrid, back of the throat, ammonia […] Read More

Time for bespoke regulatory targets for all chalkstreams

13 Oct 2020
Chalkstreams are as internationally rare and ecologically important as coral reefs or rainforests, and 85% of the world’s chalkstreams are found in England. With this comes a responsibility to protect them, something at the moment we are failing to deliver, with evidence of many stretches running dry, whilst others are clogged with nuisance algae and huge […] Read More

SmartRivers developments and achievements during lockdown

02 Oct 2020
As with everything right now, SmartRivers (the volunteer arm of the Riverfly Census) is navigating its way through the ‘new normal’. However, despite restrictions forcing us to postpone travelling and training courses this year, lockdown gave us the time to make SmartRivers even smarter.   SmartRivers – now an IFM certified course We are delighted […] Read More

MoRPh: a tool for assessing river habitats at biological monitoring sites

25 Sep 2020
As you probably already know, SmartRivers is proud to be part of the Riverfly Partnership’s ‘Riverfly Plus’ toolkit, alongside other exciting citizen science projects like MoRPh – the modular river survey River organisms respond to their environment and so it is important to monitor any environmental changes. Often the environment is characterised through water chemistry […] Read More

Persistence pays off in the pursuit of a pesticide problem

18 Aug 2020
This is a terrific outcome for the river, wild fish, the wider environment and the local community. Nick Measham, CEO S&TC writes, Bakkavör is closing its salad washing plant at Alresford on the Upper Itchen. In simple terms this should result in an end to significant chemical pollution and provide much needed respite for all […] Read More

Phosphorus, Chickens and the River Wye

18 Aug 2020
S&TC’s agricultural policy is simple; incentivise farmers to invest in their infrastructure and spread the word about modern soil management, but always be prepared to use the current legislation to regulate persistent offenders… Paul Knight, S&TC Fisheries Consultant George Monbiot writing in the Guardian recently highlighted the dreadful state of Welsh rivers.  He focussed on […] Read More

Thirty-six toxic pesticides washed into headwaters of SAC chalkstream

23 Jul 2020
Bakkavör washing unknown quantities of thirty-six toxic pesticides, which present real danger to aquatic life, into headwaters of SAC chalkstream Following on from our recent release about dangerous quantities of toxic neonicotinoid Acetamiprid being washed off salad leaves into the headwaters of a protected chalkstream, a further freedom of Information (FOI) request proves this is just […] Read More

Toxic neonicotinoid washed off salad leaves into protected chalkstream

23 Jun 2020
Toxic neonicotinoid washed off salad leaves into protected chalkstream exceeds acceptable concentrations by up to 400%. NEWS RELEASE 23 June 2020 Data from a recent Freedom of Information request by Salmon & Trout Conservation shows that levels of Acetamiprid, a pesticide discharged by Bakkavör plc into the Upper Itchen catchment[1], have regularly exceeded acceptable concentrations. […] Read More

S&TC Cymru Update June 2020

12 Jun 2020
Richard Garner Williams, S&TC National Office for Wales writes: In a spirited demonstration of enthusiastic collaboration S&TC Cymru, the Wild Trout Trust, the Grayling Society and the Game and Wildlife Trust recently joined forces in writing to Lesley Griffiths, Welsh Government Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs offering broad support for Natural Resources Wales’ […] Read More

SmartRivers launched in Wales

12 Jun 2020
S&TC Cymru launches its first SmartRivers hub in partnership with the South East Wales Rivers Trust S&TC Cymru is delighted to announce that South East Wales Rivers Trust (SEWRT) is to host the first SmartRivers hub in Wales. The hub is certain to play a valuable role in assisting SEWRT restore the natural beauty and […] Read More

Increase in abundance: A dangerously simplistic view of river health

01 May 2020
Species richness and assemblage gives a far more accurate assessment of invertebrate communities……….. Dr Janina Gray, Head of Science & Environmental Policy, responds to a recent article in The Times, Your article Boom in freshwater bugs bucks trend of disappearing insects (April 24th) sets a dangerously simplistic view of the health of our rivers and water life. […] Read More

Milk. A serious environmental threat?

01 May 2020
So, here’s the shocking news about the potential of milk to pollute rivers. Paul Knight, S&TC CEO writes, One of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic has been that the demand for milk has slumped and so dairy farmers have had to pour away their excess, cows still have to be milked, after all, so […] Read More

Chalk-Streams First

22 Apr 2020
Abstraction is a major threat to UK rivers but is, arguably, at its greatest in relation to the chalk-streams, a globally unique ecological wonder located mainly in England, especially the highly populated south of England.  S&TC Water Action campaign is working to counter the abstraction threat, terrifyingly highlighted in a raft of recent Government plans […] Read More

Agricultural Pollution – Educate, Encourage, Enforce

09 Apr 2020
“Up to 2016, a staggering 95% of farms did not comply with storage regulations and 49% were polluting the River Axe. Environmental law breaking, albeit mostly through lack of knowledge, on a massive scale.” Paul Knight, Outgoing CEO Salmon & Trout Conservation writes, S&TC’s Census Report, published in May 2019, provided evidence that the main […] Read More

Environmental Land Management Scheme 2020

17 Mar 2020
Environmental Land Management Scheme Consultation 2020 Make your voice heard: CLOSING DATE FOR COMMENTS 5th May 2020 Overview of Salmon & Trout Conservation (S&TC) Response • The main requirement is for political commitment to finally tackle the issue of pollution by inappropriate land use – particularly relevant to our rivers and aquatic life (EA River […] Read More

High-frequency phosphorus monitoring for water quality management

25 Feb 2020
Using high-frequency phosphorus monitoring for water quality management: a case study of the upper River Itchen, UK Gary R. Fones & Adil Bakir & Janina Gray & Lauren Mattingley & Nick Measham & Paul Knight & Michael J. Bowes & Richard Greenwood & Graham A. Mills Abstract Increased concentrations of phosphorus (P) in riverine systems lead […] Read More

Bakkavör plc must now end pollution of Upper Itchen

17 Feb 2020
Bakkavör plc must now end pollution of Upper Itchen “Continued pollution unnecessary and unacceptable.”  NEWS RELEASE 13 Feb 2020 Sustained pressure from S&TC has resulted in Bakkavör plc finding a solution that should effectively end their pollution of the Upper Itchen, but twenty months after S&TC first complained to the EA we are still waiting […] Read More

Sewin and their habitats

10 Feb 2020
SEWIN AND THEIR HABITATS Update 14 March 2020: This event has been postponed. All those who expressed an interest will be contacted once a new date is fixed. 10am – 4pm, Monday, March the 30th, 2020 Salmon and Trout Conservation Cymru warmly invite you to their Annual Seminar for 2020 An opportunity to hear the latest […] Read More

In pursuit of Perfection

10 Feb 2020
“We are honoured by Hardy’s support for our conservation efforts. Together we share a vision for abundant wild fish stocks, flourishing biodiversity and rivers free of pollution.” Paul Knight, CEO, Salmon & Trout Conservation To celebrate the coming wild trout season S&TC is delighted to announce a very special limited release of Hardy Perfect fly […] Read More

Challenges & Choices Consultation 2020

03 Feb 2020
Water Challenges and Choices Consultation 2020 Make your voice heard: CLOSING DATE FOR COMMENTS 24th April 2020 Are you currently watching the river you care about deteriorate and wild fish stocks decline? Concerned with how water is used in the England? Is there a fair balance between nature and industry? What changes do you […] Read More

Don Catchment Rivers Trust wins Prix Charles Ritz Award 2019

09 Jan 2020
Salmon & Trout Conservation and The International Fario Club are delighted to announce the Don Catchment Rivers Trust as recipients of the Prix Charles Ritz Award for England and Wales 2019 The Prix Charles Ritz award celebrates and rewards those who champion work to develop and improve rivers. Specifically, the award is granted to initiatives […] Read More

Dr Cyril Bennett MBE becomes S&TC’s latest honorary life member

09 Dec 2019
We are proud to award Cyril Bennett an honorary life membership of S&TC for his massive contribution to protecting river ecology in general and to the Riverfly Census and SmartRivers in particular. He has been a fly fisherman for 60 years which has stimulated his keen interest in riverfly identification and aquatic ecology. Cyril is […] Read More

Incinerator proposal raises serious concerns

08 Dec 2019
“This proposed incinerator at Barton Stacey in the Test Valley raises serious environmental concerns” Nick Measham, Salmon & Trout Conservation S&TC do not normally comment on local planning issues but the proposed incinerator at Barton Stacey in the Test Valley raises grave national environmental issues: 1. Abstraction in the headwaters of a fragile chalk stream, […] Read More

River Invertebrate App – Status Update

07 Nov 2019
We are aware users of our invertebrate identification app have been experiencing access issues. S&TC apologises for any inconvenience caused. Issued: 17:00hrs 17th Feb 2020 For anyone experiencing the ‘SQL’ error message, or any other issues when using the app complete the following steps. 1. Check you definitely have version 2.4.1 running. You can find this […] Read More

Agricultural Pollution Update – Nov 2019

06 Nov 2019
Government figures show currently only 14% of rivers are classified as healthy….. Government figures show currently only 14% of rivers are classified as healthy and rural areas are impacting 35% of waterbodies (EA, 2015). Evidence from the Riverfly Census has shown the greatest stressors on our rivers are sediment, excess nutrients, pesticides and other toxic […] Read More

SmartRivers Update – Great Stour

06 Nov 2019
This autumn we took SmartRivers to the beautiful county of Kent. Thanks to the generosity of Stour Fishery Association we were able to start working on the Great Stour, an interesting river that begins away from Kent’s chalk downs, yet enjoys the full character of a chalk stream due to significant influxes of groundwater from […] Read More

Riverfly Partnership News

30 Sep 2019
There are many Riverfly monitoring schemes around, so it can be tricky to understand why so many different schemes are necessary. As the population continues to expand, and our dependence on the environment increases, it is more important than ever that we keep a close eye on the health of our water ecosystems. Thankfully, there […] Read More

SmartRivers is delivering results

12 Sep 2019
The hot dry summer has exposed the stress our rivers are under Nick Measham, Deputy CEO, S&TC To view the full interview click HERE The hot dry summer has exposed the stress our rivers are under – particularly in Southern chalkstreams where algal growth and sediment is choking life to a seemingly unprecedented extent. Once […] Read More

Discharges from salad washing – Update

31 Jul 2019
Salad washing on the Upper Itchen: A local problem with national significance… Nick Measham , Deputy CEO, S&TC writes……. S&TC’s battle to stop Bakkavör discharging pesticides and chlorinated plant-cleaning chemicals from its salad washing activities is achieving increased environmental protection, and not just for the Upper Itchen. [Previously covered by BBC Countryfile] As a result […] Read More

Chalk streams debated in parliament

31 Jul 2019
We always intended the Riverfly Census to be a lobbying document as well as reporting on the science, and this has been an excellent first political outing for it. Paul Knight, CEO, S&TC In a speech during a House of Commons debate on “Degraded chalk stream environments”, Richard Benyon MP cited evidence from S&TC’s ground […] Read More

Salmon stock exploitation: Wales delays, while England acts

01 Jul 2019
Salmon stock exploitation: Wales delays, while England acts On the 14th June 2019, in response to troubling results from their own analysis of Severn salmon stocks, the Environment Agency (EA) implemented an emergency bylaw prohibiting the use of certain nets in the estuary and imposed compulsory catch and release on all other nets and rod and line fisheries on […] Read More

Dear Phil, Thank you so much!

26 Jun 2019
What can we say other than a huge THANK YOU!! Phil Chessum took on the challenge of running the Race to The King ultramarathon to raise money for S&TC. An exhausting 52.4 mile slog across the South Downs. Completing the course in a very respectable 10 hours 26 minutes and finishing 71st out of 750 competitors, Phil’s feet seemed to […] Read More

Response to Southern Water Fine

25 Jun 2019
  Ofwat has imposed the biggest fine ever on a water company for “significant breaches of its licence conditions and its statutory duties.” Southern Water has been fined £37.7m, but this has been reduced to £3m because the company has undertaken to pay customers some £123m over the next five years. Ofwat states in its report: […] Read More

Bakkavör Alresford Salads Impacting Upper Itchen

17 Jun 2019
  Sewage and pesticides from a salad washing factory owned by Bakkavör Group Plc may present a serious threat to aquatic invertebrate life on a highly protected English chalkstream.  The Environment Agency’s response to a formal notification of environmental damage made by S&TC in June 2018, pursuant to the Environmental Liability Directive, confirms the wild […] Read More

Troubling news from Wales

30 May 2019
  Troubling news from Wales as the recently published 2018 assessments of salmon and sea trout populations point towards a continued decline. Stocks in twelve of the twenty-three principle salmon rivers were deemed to be “at risk” of failing to reach their conservation limits for sustainable recruitment and those in the remaining eleven rivers to […] Read More

Profits And Pollution

29 May 2019
“S&TC has for a long time questioned the English water companies over their abstraction policies, especially in water-scarce, aquifer-fed regions, but now it appears that other sectors of the industry are under scrutiny.” Paul Knight, CEO Salmon & Trout Conservation writes….. Carry out the basic duties In the Financial Times recently, it was reported that […] Read More

The Riverfly Census: Launch

29 May 2019
“If you do nothing else this month, read the Riverfly Census report which got its first airing at a mid-May reception in London.” Nick Mesham, Deputy CEO, Salmon & Trout Conservation To download the full report: CLICK HERE ‎ Once upon a time, industry was poisoning the nation’s life-blood rivers, but the story nowadays is all […] Read More

SmartRivers Update – June 2019

29 May 2019
May saw the initiation of another one of our SmartRivers pilot hubs. We are very happy to be adding two chalkstreams – the Avon and the Wylye – to the SmartRivers family, thanks to Wiltshire Fisheries Association. Taking river guardianship into our own hands For all rivers being added to SmartRivers, a professional scientist has […] Read More

The Riverfly Census: Full Report

15 May 2019
“The Riverfly Census Report has been central to S&TC’s work for the past three years and coincides with the United Nations’ recent statement on the catastrophic state of the global environment. The results should worry everyone. Our message is simple; unless there is radical change our rivers will soon become lifeless.  With ever increasing mainstream public […] Read More

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