Welsh charities join forces for World Fish Migration Day

16th April 2018
This Saturday we will be helping to celebrate the third World Fish Migration day. There will be a number of fascinating events and activities in Wales for people to enjoy and learn more about the life-cycle of migratory fish species. […] Read More

Pinpointing Pesticides – Our national survey now uses water insects to solve chemical puzzle

27th March 2018
We are pleased to announce that pesticide fingerprints can now be detected using the Riverfly Census’ analytical tool kit… a massive breakthrough in monitoring water quality for neonicotinoids and other insect killing chemicals Read More

Salmon Farming Update – The Power of Mass Media

26th March 2018
An update on the Salmon Farming Inquiry progress from our Scottish Director… As someone who has done PR to a greater and lesser extent for wild fisheries interests for almost two decades, I am invariably pleased, when asked, to spend […] Read More

Have your say for Welsh waters

8th March 2018
Many of the rivers of Wales are facing a range of ecological threats which threaten to render them unfit for the wild fish and other aquatic wildlife that depend on clean freshwaters to survive. Building on the success of last […] Read More

Applauding the Environment Committee report into environmental impacts of salmon farming

6th March 2018
Systematic Government failure to heed warnings regarding the consequences of intensive salmon farming Read More

The toxic chemicals keep coming – a further threat in a struggling English chalkstream

19th February 2018
Currently many of our rivers across the UK are impacted by a variety of undesirable inputs.  Influencing the future health of these important waterways is one of our key objectives. We continue to be extremely concerned about a worrying example […] Read More

Will the Environment Agency’s proposals to protect wild salmon work?

2nd February 2018
We warmly receive the Environment Agency’s proposed new measures to protect wild salmon stocks but we emphasise that they need to be implemented rapidly to save this threatened species. The 2015 national salmon stock assessment indicated that wild salmon stocks […] Read More

Chlorinated chemicals in our areas of conservation? Just say no!

29th January 2018
One of our main objectives is to influence the clean-up of rivers across the UK, where many waterways are impacted by a variety of undesirable inputs. We use local issues to bring attention to problems at national level, and one such […] Read More

Sea Trout: Science & Management

22nd January 2018
Sea Trout, Science & Management is a book containing the proceedings of the 2nd International Sea Trout Symposium, held in Ireland in 2016. The Proceedings are edited by Graeme Harris, an eminent authority on sea trout and long-term member and […] Read More