International Year of the Salmon 2019

Together we will take a leap forward for wild salmon

The International Year of the Salmon is a global initiative to protect salmon by bringing people together to share knowledge, raise public awareness and take action.


The International Year of the Salmon brings together countries across the Northern Hemisphere because protecting salmon is critically important to the health of the planet and many of its species – including us.

Together we can inspire, discover and make change.


The International Year of the Salmon will harness ongoing research and kick start partnerships and public action in Europe, North America and Asia.

Together, we can give salmon a better chance to survive and thrive.


Anyone who cares about the survival of salmon can get involved in the International Year of the Salmon. Experts are needed – but it will takes passion and commitment of people from all walks of life to make a difference.

Even the smallest contribution can help. Everyone has a role to play.


S&TC will be heavily involved in International Year of the Salmon 2019, and we need your help!

This is a fantastic campaign, with involvement from multiple NGOs and charities. We are using this opportunity to collaborate with other charities to highlight the plight of salmon populations globally, to share our research and to work together to stem and reverse this decline.


We will be collaborating with partners all across the Northern Hemisphere to further our research (and action) on the threats that salmon face.

The crucial research costs money. We are an independent charity receiving no government funding and rely on support from concerned, conservation-minded people just like you. You can support our work by becoming a member, or making a donation.


We have a range of exciting and important events planned to celebrate IYS 2019 and help protect and conserve salmon as part of a global effort.

These events will be added to this page in the coming weeks. You can also sign up to our newsletter to keep fully up to date with what we are up to and how the International Year of the salmon is progressing. 


Atlantic salmon populations across their range are in a serious and consistent decline, yet this important and fascinating species has a relationship with humankind stretching back into prehistory.

We will be releasing regular educational resources designed to inspire, inform and enlighten on the plight of the salmon and it's incredible life cycle.

Latest IYS news

S&TC ask Sir David to talk salmon for IYS

In this International Year of the Salmon, we asked Sir David Attenborough for his views on the need to protect all populations of wild salmon.  The following video gives a very clear message to Governments across the Northern Hemisphere that they need to act now if we are not going to lose the ‘King of Fish’ for ever!

We will continue our current work on reforming unsustainable salmon farming and improving water quality, both vital issues affecting the health of wild salmon populations.

However, the greater support we receive, the more influential we can be. Please support us here

Can a “feed the world” mantra justify trashing our marine environment?

By Corin Smith | 09/12/2019
“The suggestion that salmon farming is somehow justifiable in order to feed the world simply will not wash.” Andrew Graham-Stewart, Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland I have been cursing Fergus Ewing MSP, Cabinet Secretary in Scotland for the Rural Economy, of late. Of course, it is nothing personal. I will explain. On November 6 I […]

“Responsibly Sourced” Are supermarkets facing a crisis of credibility?

By Corin Smith | 09/12/2019
“Supermarkets face a crisis of credibility unless they take immediate action to address systemic failings in their own farmed salmon buying policies.” With the launch of a report into the state of farmed salmon being sold on supermarket shelves, Scottish conservation and welfare charities, Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS) and OneKind, are jointly calling […]

S&TC and Patagonia deliver 170,000 strong petition to Scottish Parliament

By Corin Smith | 12/09/2019
Our partnership with Patagonia in this campaign has been extremely effective. Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS) are pleased to have been able to orchestrate the delivery of Patagonia Inc’s “Artifishal” petition against open-net salmon farming, which we supported, to Gillian Martin MSP, Convener of the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform (ECCLR) Committee at the Scottish Parliament. Patagonia’s credibility on […]

Sea lice numbers on salmon farms double in a single year

By Corin Smith | 21/08/2019
Total sea lice numbers on salmon farms double in a single year. Industry and official SEPA data underline how the rush to expand salmon farm production is massively increasing the risks to wild salmon and sea trout. “A moratorium on salmon farm expansion is now more essential than ever” Andrew Graham-Stewart, Director of Salmon and […]

Response to MOWI decision to close Loch Ewe salmon farm

By Corin Smith | 25/07/2019
Mowi (previously Marine Harvest) has announced that it is to close its highly contentious salmon farm in Loch Ewe, Wester Ross.   Andrew Graham-Stewart, Director of S&TC Scotland (S&TCS), said:  “We welcome Mowi’s decision to close the Loch Ewe farm. There can be no doubt that the decision is a vindication of S&TCS’ long campaign […]

Salmon stock exploitation: Wales delays, while England acts

By Corin Smith | 01/07/2019
Salmon stock exploitation: Wales delays, while England acts On the 14th June 2019, in response to troubling results from their own analysis of Severn salmon stocks, the Environment Agency (EA) implemented an emergency bylaw prohibiting the use of certain nets in the estuary and imposed compulsory catch and release on all other nets and rod and line fisheries on […]

ARTIFISHAL & Patagonia Inc

By Corin Smith | 27/06/2019
“The thing that has struck us at the screenings we have attended is that the audience is far from being just anglers – it has been great seeing so many younger folk there and hearing their reaction to the issues” Paul Knight, CEO Salmon & Trout Conservation In 2019 one of Patagonia’s core global campaigns […]

Salmon farming being supported by hands-off regulation and taxpayers’ money

By Corin Smith | 19/06/2019
  FOI reveals hands-off regulation of salmon farming’s environmental impactand the lavish use of taxpayers’ money to support the industry  Freedom of Information requests made by Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS) to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Marine Scotland, the Fish Health Inspectorate and Highlands and Islands Enterprise have shown the extent of Scottish […]

NASCO 2019

By Corin Smith | 12/06/2019
“With S&TC’s Chairman, CEO, Head of Science and Scottish Director actively involved in NASCO, we are playing a genuinely influential role within international wild Atlantic salmon conservation politics” The 2019 NASCO meeting was held in Tromsø, Norway, this year and was preceded by a 2-day Symposium for the International Year of the Salmon – Managing […]

Troubling news from Wales

By Corin Smith | 30/05/2019
  Troubling news from Wales as the recently published 2018 assessments of salmon and sea trout populations point towards a continued decline. Stocks in twelve of the twenty-three principle salmon rivers were deemed to be “at risk” of failing to reach their conservation limits for sustainable recruitment and those in the remaining eleven rivers to […]

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