we are the voice for wild fish in welsh waters

S&TC Cymru work to secure the protection that our beautiful Welsh water environments deserve. Some of our key achievements include:

Collaborating with other NGO's through Wales Environment Link

Preventing forestry which is damaging to spawning streams

Protecting Welsh rivers via our Riverfly Census monitoring

Preventing sheep dip chemicals lethal to river life

Contributing to the restoration of endangered European eels


Riverfly Census

A benchmark for river life


Water insects are the foundation for life in our rivers and streams.

We are unlocking their potential as indicators of river health to help understand what’s really happening under the surface and better protect our fish and water life.

Our first Welsh samples have been taken in three well-known rivers; keep watch to see how their story unfolds!


Keeping land issues out of water

21a Acid producing conifers planted beside a Welsh spawning stream, one of the issues covered in 'Valuing our Freshwaters' (2)

Activities on land cannot be considered in isolation of the water environment and forestry is no exception to this.

In Wales, non-native conifer forestry next to rivers is a common occurrence, causing numerous issues.

Explore how we have worked to give our watery places and wild fish relief from the effects of poorly operated forestry

Living Rivers

Reviving our watery places


Rivers are more than just water - they are homes for wildlife.

Poor farming practices are a big problem for Welsh waters, but with your help we can create a sustainable water environment.

We are influencing post CAP agricultural grants and subsidies so they are paid as rewards for protecting the environment, particularly in Welsh river systems.


Angling and Fisheries organisations call on Ministers not to throw out the environmental baby in the Brexit bathwater.

07 Oct 2016
The UK’s major angling and fisheries conservation groups have today published a joint paper setting out their concerns over any moves to water down EU environmental legislation and urging the government to seize opportunities for reform of policies regarding farm subsidies and fisheries management in the wake of the Brexit […] Read More

River invertebrates could hold the key to abysmal state of rivers in Wales

16 Sep 2016
Leading fisheries charity, Salmon & Trout Conservation UK (S&TC UK) has brought forward its programme of river invertebrate monitoring on three rivers in Wales to support efforts by Natural Resource Wales, who are investigating the unprecedented threats facing rivers and salmon stocks in Wales. Shockingly, a recent report identifies that […] Read More

Check Clean Dry Summer 2016 – Don’t bring back invasive species and diseases from abroad

01 Aug 2016
In recent years the rate of new introductions of invasive freshwater species to Britain has increased dramatically In recent years the rate of new introductions of invasive freshwater species to Britain has increased dramatically. Following the 1992 creation of a canal linking the Danube and Rhine, numerous species from the […] Read More

Fisheries charity takes on the mantle of protecting rivers in Wales

06 May 2016
Rivers and streams across Wales are the life-blood of the country for both people and wildlife Rivers and streams across Wales are the life-blood of the country for both people and wildlife. But these once pristine rivers are facing a range of ecological threats, which if not reduced could render […] Read More

S&TC UK welcomes the European Commission’s action to make the UK Government correctly enact WFD into law

28 Oct 2015
Commission asks the United Kingdom to revisit key elements of water legislation Salmon & Trout Conservation UK, the charity that campaigns for fish and our aquatic environment, is delighted that the European Commission is asking the United Kingdom to ensure that the Water Framework Directive (WFD – Directive 2000/60/EC) is […] Read More

Salmon & Trout Association asks members to defend key nature laws

13 Mar 2015
The S&TA is one of 100 voluntary organisations across the UK that have joined forces to call for the protection of Europe’s natural environment and the laws which underpin conservation or rivers and lakes across Europe. The European Habitats Directive exists to protect the most important wildlife species and habitats […] Read More

S&TA accuses Natural Resources Wales of destroying salmonid habitats in important Llanrwst stream

12 Feb 2015
**UPDATE: Response from Natural Resources Wales** Open letter from Paul Knight demands explanations and undertakings Professor Peter Matthews Ph.D., FRSC, FCIWEM, FIWO Chairman Natural Resources Wales Ty Cambria 29 Newport Road Cardiff CF24 0TP February 11th 2015 Dear Peter, I am writing this as an open letter on behalf of […] Read More

Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) and Afonydd Cymru ‘two cheers’ for Natural Resources Wales’s decision to phase out the use of cypermethrin in Welsh Government forestry

26 Nov 2014
Responding to the outcome of the NRW’s Review of the Use of Cypermethrin in Forestry (1), the Salmon & Trout Association and Afonydd Cymru have broadly welcomed the environmental body for Wales, Natural Resources Wales, decision to end the use of cypermethrin in forestry by 2017. While even three years […] Read More


13 Mar 2014
S&TA endorses report on risks posed by fracking and urges much stronger safeguards to protect fragile ecosystems The Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) today joins with other leading countryside groups to launch "Are We Fit to Frack?" – an important report on the shale gas industry. It highlights a lack […] Read More


08 Sep 2013
Environmental groups have today welcomed the announcement from Government today that effectively puts a stop to plans to build a barrage across the Severn Estuary. Janina Gray, from the Salmon & Trout Association, said: “Today we welcome the Governments response to Halfren Power’s proposal to build a Severn barrage and […] Read More


13 Aug 2013
A necessary first step to conserve a precious and irreplaceable resource The government order, recently announced, requiring water companies servicing one-third of the UK to consider installing water meters in each household and to charge consumers for all the water they use has been broadly welcomed by the Salmon & […] Read More


10 Jun 2013
Environmental groups are calling on Hafren Power to call time on their ill-conceived proposal for a barrage across the Severn, in order to make room for more sustainable renewable power proposals. Today’s report from the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee concludes that Hafren Power failed to make the economic […] Read More


S&TC Cymru is an active part of Wales Environment Link (WEL). This is the official link between environmental charities like us and the Welsh Government. As well as lobbying independently we also work together with WEL to make a difference to our water environments.

We were a lead author of WEL’s publication: Valuing our Freshwaters. This contains the requirements for a healthy water environment in Wales.

We rely on your support to protect wild fish and the places they live.

By donating or joining as a member you will be making a huge contribution to the fight to protect the UK's waters and ensure a sustainable future for wild fish.

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