Salmon Farming

Our Salmon Farming Campaign is encouraging a shift to production systems where the salmon farming industry and wild fish can thrive together.

Science has given us a loud warning that salmon farming is harming wild fish, but equally it is showing us solutions! Currently, poorly run and badly sited open net farms are putting our wild salmon and sea trout at risk from parasites and diseases. So, in order to achieve a sustainable future a biological barrier between farms and the surrounding sea is essential.

Campaign aims

  • Relocate poorly sited farms
  • Review lice regulations and make action on lice trigger levels mandatory
  • Encourage a shift to closed containment salmon farming: either land-based or floating tanks in place of open nets

Work by our Scottish team has already led to Parliamentary action to consider industry reform

Because of your support we've achieved:

SFR Achievements 1

The launch of an in-depth Scottish Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into the salmon farming industry’s impact on wild fish SCHEDULED FOR EARLY 2018!

SFR Achievements 2

A successful petition calling for stronger Government regulation, which after Committee debate lead to initiation of the inquiry.

SFR Achievements 3

Our documentary on Loch Maree - a local example of why salmon farm reform is so important - had a significant impact on the Committee and has reached OVER 164,000 people on social media.

See our salmon farming campaign in action!


On two consecutive evenings BBC’s the One Show aired programmes covering the appalling state of Scotland’s salmon farming industry, both in terms of the number of fish killed through welfare issues on the farm and the impact of sea lice on wild salmon and sea trout.

This in-depth BBC journalism was instigated by our work, as acknowledged during the studio discussion during the second programme. Watch now!

Our written evidence to Scottish Parliamentary Committees' Inquiries into salmon farming.

Our critique of Scottish Government's regulation of sea lice within salmon farms - sent to all heads of delegation within the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO).

Our Case Study: Loch Maree

Our film is a powerful and graphic illustration of how a poorly sited salmon farm can have a devastating impact on what was previously a prolific and entirely sustainable wild fishery.

Sea trout stocks in Loch Maree collapsed in 1988, one year after the start of salmon farming in Loch Ewe, the sea loch into which Loch Maree drains via the River Ewe.

We are working to restore what was formerly the finest sea trout fishery in Scotland. Together we can encourage reform of the industry, relieving wild fish from fish farming pressure.

Only with your help will places like Loch Maree be filled with a healthy abundance of wild fish once again.


How can i help? Be salmon savvy

Sustainable sourcing starts with you in the supermarkets.

Our campaigning has lead to full disclosure of which salmon farms are not keeping their lice under control. To date, no meaningful enforcement action, such as the ordering of culls or immediate reductions in fish-farm biomass, has been taken against serial offenders.

The Scottish Government has a legal duty to protect and conserve wild salmon and sea trout, but this data shows it is failing to rein in the biggest threat to wild salmonids.

Science & Policy archive

Salmon Farming Inquiry Evidence

Help to secure a sustainable future for Scotland’s wild fish

Our immediate focus is collecting evidence for the Scottish Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into salmon farming and its impact on wild salmon and sea trout. We influenced the setting up of this Inquiry and it is a once in a generation opportunity to move the industry towards sustainability.