“Responsibly Sourced” Are supermarkets facing a crisis of credibility?

"Supermarkets face a crisis of credibility unless they take immediate action to address systemic failings in their own farmed salmon buying policies."

With the launch of a report into the state of farmed salmon being sold on supermarket shelves, Scottish conservation and welfare charities, Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS) and OneKind, are jointly calling on supermarkets to sort out farmed Scottish salmon.

Surveying of supermarket shelves (samples below) over the course of twelve months reveals that consumers are being sold, and unwittingly consuming, products from Scottish salmon farms meeting one, or a combination, of the following criteria:

1. Raised levels of sea lice parasites and disease

2. Significant premature mortalities

3. Unsatisfactory levels of marine pollution

This places at risk Scotland’s wild fish and marine ecosystems, impacts local community well-being and pays scant regard to improving the poor lives led by many farmed salmon.

Full Report HERE

Sample Products with

Sea Lice, Mortality and Environmental Survey Information

Issued by Corin Smith, comms@salmon-trout.org

Notes for Editors

Salmon & Trout Conservation UK (S&TC UK) was established in 1903 to address the damage done to our rivers by the polluting effects of the Industrial Revolution. Since then, S&TC UK has worked to protect fisheries, fish stocks and the wider aquatic environment for the public benefit. S&TC UK has charitable status in both England and Scotland (as S&TCS) and its charitable objectives empower it to address all issues affecting wild fish and the aquatic environment, supported by robust evidence from its scientific network, and to take the widest possible remit in protecting salmonid fish stocks and the aquatic environment upon which they depend.

Media Contact: Corin Smith, comms@salmon-trout.org (+44 74636576892)

OneKind is Scotland’s leading campaigning animal welfare charity, working to end cruelty to Scotland’s animals. OneKind is an evidence-based organisation, using scientific evidence, investigations and research to address the welfare issues of Scotland's wildlife, farmed animals, pets and lab animals. They have done extensive work on the issue of salmon welfare in Scotland's salmon farms and have produced three reports exploring the suffering of Scotland's farmed salmon.

Media Contact: Eve Massie, eve.massie@onekind.org