We are the voice for wild fish in Welsh waters. Recent press stories are painting a sorry picture, with headlines of slurry spills and fish kills a regular occurrence. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is huge opportunity in the upcoming years to secure the protection that our beautiful Welsh water environments deserve.

Welsh waters have a bright future; we are very excited that our work in Wales has found its feet. From unravelling the story of Welsh rivers through initiation of our Riverfly Census, to preventing the use of pesticides toxic to fish eggs and the planting of damaging non-native forestry plantations beside important upland spawning streams.

Close communications with Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government, plus our membership of Wales Environment Link, mean we can make real headway with kick starting the recovery of some of Wales’s most degraded watercourses and encouraging the return of wild salmon and sea trout.

Riverfly Census

A benchmark for river life


Water insects are the foundation for life in our rivers and streams. We are unlocking their potential as indicators of river health to help you understand what’s really happening under the surface and better protect our fish and water life. Our first Welsh samples have been taken in three well-known rivers; keep watch to see how their story unfolds!


Keeping what happens on land out of the water

21a Acid producing conifers planted beside a Welsh spawning stream, one of the issues covered in 'Valuing our Freshwaters' (2)

Activities on land cannot be considered in isolation of the water environment and forestry is no exception to this. In Wales, non-native conifer forestry next to rivers is a common occurrence. When managed properly, forestry can be a good thing, holding back water to prevent floods and evening out river flows. Explore how we have worked to give our watery places and wild fish relief from the effects of poorly operated forestry

Living Rivers

Reviving our watery places


Rivers are more than just water - they are homes for wildlife. With your help we can lead the fight to keep them clean and give our fish, birds and mammals a safe and flourishing place to live. Poor farming practices are a big problem for Welsh waters (see Agriculture and Us). We are influencing post CAP agricultural grants and subsidies so they are paid as rewards for protecting the environment, particularly in Welsh river systems.


S&TC Cymru is an active part of Wales Environment Link (WEL). This is the official link between environmental charities like us and the Welsh Government. As well as lobbying independently we also work together with WEL to make a difference to our water environments.

We were a lead author of WEL’s publication: Valuing our Freshwaters. This contains the requirements for a healthy water environment in Wales.

Latest Welsh news

Growth of the Riverfly census to help tackle pollution in Welsh rivers

1st August 2017
An increase in the pollution of rivers in Wales has led to the launch of a three-year scientific monitoring programme by Salmon & Trout Conservation to find out exactly how Welsh rivers are doing health wise. This study is an expansion of our existing Riverfly Census. The results from 12 […] Read More