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Salmon & Trout Association asks members to defend key nature laws

The S&TA is one of 100 voluntary organisations across the UK that have joined forces to call for the protection of Europe’s natural environment and the laws which underpin conservation or rivers and lakes across Europe.
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Update to the river basin management plans

Read the S&TA’s response
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The shocking state of England’s rivers

As the Environment Agency release figures today that reveal just 17% of England’s rivers are in good health, the Blueprint for Water coalition is urging communities across England to make a stand and speak up for the rivers, lakes, wetlands and beaches that they love.
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Blueprint warning of potential for higher flood risk and damage to wildlife from new Government proposals

Wildlife and countryside groups from the Blueprint for Water coalition have responded robustly to the Government’s recently published proposals [to revise the flood consenting system], warning that by watering down the current safeguards and protection there is a real prospect of triggering an environmental double whammy – higher flood risk and damage to wildlife habitat.
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Wessex Branch Auction Now Open for Bidding

The Auction catalogue and bidding slip are available to download here.
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How Greenlanders feed themselves

Paul Knight is in awe at the high standard of living of these modern hunter-gatherers Read Blog
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