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November 2015 Salmon Summit - The Five-Point Plan

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A mobile App that gets to the heart of river pollution

Developed by Salmon & Trout Conservation UK (S&TC UK) in conjunction with Salisbury & District Angling Club
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Fisheries charity auction offers lots that money can't buy

Bidding for unique and extraordinary encounters that will raise funds for crucial research to help protect salmon, trout and other aquatic wildlife will open on 12th September 2016.
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Fisheries scientist joins the battle to restore our rivers and chalkstreams

A three year grant from the John Ellerman Foundation has enabled leading fisheries charity, Salmon & Trout Conservation UK (S&TC UK) to strengthen its science team. This newly created post will help to further drive forward its ongoing campaign to clean up our rivers and precious chalkstreams.
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Scotland's dismal environmental record on salmon farming exposed at international salmon conference

Scottish Government has laxer standards on control of sea lice parasites than any other salmon farming country in the North Atlantic
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New S&TCS analysis shows how wild salmon rod catches in the main salmon farming region of the west Highlands and Islands lag far behind those of the East coast

"The only significant difference between the two coasts is the presence of aquaculture on the West"
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English riverfly survey reveals abysmal state of our once gin clear chalkstreams

For the first time our once pristine, gin-clear English chalkstreams and rivers have been put under the microscope in a national survey to compare and investigate whether they are as healthy as they should be. And the results are truly shocking.
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Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland makes formal complaint to European Commission on Scottish Government’s failure to address the impacts of sea lice parasites produced by Scottish salmon farms threatening west coast wild salmon and sea trout

Scottish Government called upon to improve dramatically the protection of wild salmon and sea trout from harm caused by poorly-managed marine salmon farms and remedy breach of European law
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Restoring Salmon in England

A Five-point Plan
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Fisheries charity takes on the mantle of protecting rivers in Wales

Rivers and streams across Wales are the life-blood of the country for both people and wildlife
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