Key Issues

Many people think that our rivers are cleaner now than they have ever been. However, the aquatic environment is arguably under more impact from man-made and natural interference than ever before – from such issues as abstraction, diffuse pollution, sedimentation, alien species and, of course, the looming menace of global warming . And it follows that if streams, rivers and lakes are under threat, so too are the fish stocks and all the other water-dependent species which rely on the aquatic environment for their existence.

This is why S&TCUK concentrates so much of its work on the management, protection, and conservation of fish stocks, water habitats and ecosystems. It is our proud boast that we are game anglers addressing all the key issues necessary for a healthy water environment and fish stocks – for the benefit of angling, of course, but also in the knowledge that the benefit stretches far beyond the fisheries world, to all those with a love of, for whatever reason, our wetland habitats. This is angling truly working for the public benefit.