Don’t forget our rivers. Our letter published in the Times today


Dear Sir
Another excellent article by Matt Ridley, (Times 30th January), but he forgot one important element – our precious rivers and chalkstreams that, when kept in good condition, maintain a hidden cornucopia of fascinating wildlife creatures and plants.
This is certainly the case for those crucial river-dwelling invertebrates and fish that are mostly hidden from view, but are vitally important themselves as well as being part of the food chain that sustains the more visible  birds, mammals and reptiles living  above the surface.
Unfortunately, the state of our rivers and chalkstreams is rarely mentioned in any post-Brexit conversations. But many are in a perilous state and it is these small invisible invertebrates that are suffering most from pollution and human impact. We ignore these vital creatures at our peril.
Paul Knight FIFM CEnv
Chief Executive
Salmon & Trout Conservation UK