Celebrities Support S&TCUK

"When I was looking for a pristine river in the UK to feature in a television series I failed to find one.Wild fish and invertebrate populations, those ambassadors of the wild which provide a litmus test by which we can judge the health of thenatural environment, have declined significantly over recent years and this is why I encourage individuals to support the excellent work of theSalmon & Trout Conservation UK in addressing the issues by becoming a member"

Ray Mears


“I was very impressed to see the work of the S&TCUK at a recent Game Fair, especially the way they are using legal challenges to UK Governments over their lack of protection for wild fish and the water environment. I advise anyone interested in the health of our rivers, lakes and fish to support S&TCUK by becoming members and joining the fight to preserve our environment and fisheries.”

Richard Hill MBE – England rugby international and World Cup winner


"So what has prompted the (Scottish) Government’s mediation initiative? There can be no doubt that the aggressive campaign waged by the S&TCUK and its instructed lawyer, Guy Linley-Adams, forensically exposing the realities of the industry in stark contrast to the benign spin promoted by the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation, has made a considerable difference."

Andrew Flitcroft, Editor of Trout & Salmon magazine,referring to S&TCUK’s Aquaculture Campaign


"The recent insecurity of fish farmers is due to the aggressive stance of the Salmon & Trout Conservation UK. Readers who would like the future of the West Highland’s salmon and sea trout restored should join the S&TCUK!"

Mark Bowler, Editor of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine


"I have been a member of S&TCUK for a number of years, and it never ceases to amaze me how much work is done for fisheries and fish by such a small team. That’s why every deep thinking angler should at least become a member, because it is only by supporting a professional campaigning fisheries charity like S&TCUK that you will have the best chance of protecting our river, lakes and fish for future generations."

Matthew Wright, TV presenter


"The S&TCUK provides more scientific evidence of problems in our aquatic environment than any other organization in Britain and supporting their work is vital if we’re to save our freshwater wildlife."

Hugh Miles, International award winning wildlife film maker


"The Salmon & Trout Conservation UK’s work is more important now than ever, and Frontiers Travel is proud to be a Supporter. Please make the difference and join!"

Tarquin Millington-Drake, Managing Director, Frontiers Travel Ltd