Brown Trout Big Book

We originally published The Brown Trout Big Book as a schoolroom resource for 7 - 8-year-olds, and distributed it to over 11,000 primary schools in England and 2,500 in Scotland - we even had some copies translated into Gaelic so that schools on the Scottish Islands could read it in their preferred language.

The Big Book takes the reader through the life cycle of the brown trout and sea trout (brown trout and sea trout are actually the same species). Along with the book you will find classroom notes which are designed by a teacher to help prepare lessons. You will find games, simple biology notes and some ideas for writing stories based on the book.

Please download a copy of the book and the notes, either for your own use or for school lessons.

We do hope you enjoy reading the Brown Trout Big Book and that you find the classroom notes interesting and useful.

Please note: The Brown Trout Big Book copyright is vested in the Salmon & Trout Conservation UK. None of this material should be published without our prior permission.

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