Blueprint for Water

Excessive Water Abstraction, Diffuse Pollution and Struggling Rivers!

Excessive water abstraction and diffuse pollution are two of the major reasons why three quarters of our rivers, lakes and coastal waters are officially classified as being unhealthy- that’s over 5000 water bodies- the habitats on which our native fish species depend. So, like us, we’re sure you believe that the time to act is now.

The Blueprint for Water Coalition – 6 million voices for water and fish!

But there’s a problem; S&TCUK cannot cover all the problems facing our water environment and fish stocks, and we are already focusing on four other key campaigns. That’s why the ‘Blueprint for Water Coalition’ is so important, because our membership enables us to add our fisheries voice to those of colleagues in other environmental charities such as RSPB, WWF, Wildlife Trusts and River Trusts – 17 environmental, fisheries and water efficiency organisations, all under the umbrella of Wildlife and Countryside Link with a total membership of over 6 million people! That means that together we can lobby decision makers with far more influence than we could ever hope to exert on our own.

S&TCUK’s Head of Science Chairs the Blueprint Coalition

However, the real advantage S&TCUK has inside Blueprint is that our Head of Science and Environmental Policy, Dr Janina Gray, is the Coalition’s current Chair, leading the campaign for change on key dangers to our rivers, lakes and estuaries- including action to clean up water pollution, stop damaging abstractions and implement genuine catchment management, which, if done properly, brings together all the measures to restore local water bodies to their former glory

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You can help stop the rot on our rivers, and so give our native fish species a fighting chance! Join S&TCUK today and add your pressure to 6 million others in the fight to clean up our rivers and protect them from the dangers of abstraction, diffuse pollution and the many other problems they face.

Update to the river basin management plans

S&TC and Blueprint response to Defra consultation on diffuse pollution