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How Greenlanders feed themselves

Paul Knight is in awe at the high standard of living of these modern hunter-gatherers. We arrived in Greenland at Kangerlussuaq, where the weather was fantastic – clear blue sky, bright.... Read more
NASCO and the future of Atlantic salmon

Paul Knight finds that the stakes are very high. I am sitting in Copenhagen Airport, about to travel to Greenland to represent NGOs at a meeting of the North Atlantic Salmon Cons.... Read more
S&TA(S) petition makes parliamentary progress

The salmon conservation petition, launched by S&TA(S) and Ian Gordon in December, has now cleared its first hurdle. It calls for no wild salmon to be killed in Scotland for a period of five.... Read more
Why Save Our Waters is so vitally important

Janina Gray, S&TA’s Head of Science, spells it out. It was wonderful to see so many people (over 100) turn out at the recent Blueprint for Water Chalkstream Conference. Th.... Read more