An exclusive Richard Bramble design - helping S&TC UK!


Stumped for a stylish Christmas gift that will always give pleasure, will always be used - whoever the recipient may be? Look no further! Richard Bramble, one of the UK's most celebrated ceramic artists, and whose table- and decorative-ware are instantly recognisable, has designed a trout mug to support the S&TC UK. 50% of the profits on all sales of this colourful and delightful mug will be donated to us - and is launched now in time for Christmas.

He tells us why he has chosen trout as his subject for the mug - and why he has chosen to support S&TC UK:

"The amazing colours and patterns of the different species of trout, varying according to their habitat, fascinated me from an early age. Be it the Brown Trout from the clear chalk streams of Dorset or peaty lochs of the Hebrides, it's always been a challenge to capture this beauty with paint and brush! I have created this bone china mug celebrating four species of Trout - Brown, Rainbow, Brook and Cutthroat. Truly a mug to brighten up the kitchen and remind us of these beautiful fish - and the work Salmon & Trout Conservation UK does to protect them and their habitat".

These mugs are available now to order, as follows:

£11 each (or special offer 6 for 5 = £55) + P&P (UK) £3.95

Visit Tel: 01935 815236