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State of Nature 2016: Disappearing riverflies… 16/09/2016

The recently published State of Nature 2016 report records the decline in species as habitat degrades across the UK. Salmon & Trout Conservation UK’s Riverfly Census reinforces the State of Nature’s...

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River invertebrates could hold the key to abysmal state of rivers in Wales 16/09/2016

Leading fisheries charity, Salmon & Trout Conservation UK (S&TC UK) has brought forward its programme of river invertebrate monitoring on three rivers in Wales to support efforts by Natural Resource Wales,...

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'Citizen science’ on the Lark is saving a precious river species 01/09/2016

Two intrepid anglers, who, over the past decade have been battling against all odds to restore the once prized River Lark in Suffolk are doing just this in an effort to add the final pieces to a long and...

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Check Clean Dry Summer 2016 – Don’t bring back invasive species and diseases from abroad 01/08/2016

In recent years the rate of new introductions of invasive freshwater species to Britain has increased dramatically

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