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2016 catch statistics underline pinch points in wild salmon and sea trout numbers 24/04/2017

S&TCS calls for Scottish Government action on negative factors for which it has responsibility and direct influence

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New report from salmon farming’s biggest company confirms that Scotland is the “dirty man of global aquaculture” 12/04/2017

Marine Harvest’s performance on sea lice control in Scotland is drastically worse than any of its other worldwide operations

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Wild fish of Wales – Threats and Opportunities 10/04/2017

The recent spate of major pollution incidents in Wales and the resulting poor condition of rivers and streams in the country has led fisheries charity, Salmon & Trout Conservation Cymru to organis...

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Freshwater environments threatened by farmyard slurry 07/04/2017

Fisheries charity Salmon & Trout Conservation Cymru have reacted with dismay at yet another major river pollution incident in Wales, which saw  up to 450,000 litres (99,000 gallons) of slurry...

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Where is the salmon you’re eating being farmed? 29/03/2017

It is clear that in the UK salmon is a very popular dish. The growing demand for Atlantic salmon on our dinner tables has supported the boom of fish farms around the west coast of Scotland. Unfortu...

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